May 30, 2024


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Here’s how to disassociate the bond between “income and impact produced” and “time and effort invested”.

Hint – it’s got nothing to do with gEt MoRe CliEnTs BrUh tactics.

What I’m about to share might require a bit more mental processing power than usual posts so feel free to save it for later.

But if you do read it, don’t stop until you make it to the end.

First, imagine you have $1000 in your wallet, and once you spend the money, there’s no way to replenish it.

Now, imagine you are tasked with the goal of buying a $100,000 vehicle using the money you have. Without stealing, negotiating, or even financing. What will you do?

First, it would be dumb to spend that $1000 on toy cars or other low value objects, since that will only move you further away from the goal.

The only solution is to figure out a way to turn your $1000 into $100,000, which leads us towards the direction of trading and investing.

If you’re good at it, every time you trade or invest a portion of that money, you’ll gain back your initial allocation plus more. Rinse and repeat, and you’ll eventually end up with the $100,000 required to make that goal purchase.

Now imagine that $1000 is the amount of time you have available each month. ⏱️

And instead of trying to purchase a $100,000 vehicle, your goal is to go from earning $1000 per month, to earning $100,000 per month with the same amount of time spent at work. Without stealing or breaking laws. What will you do?

While earning $100,000 per month is a goal shared by many business owners, most end up giving their time to random distractions, requests, obligations or low value activities that have nothing to do with the goal.

Same with money, that’s a dumb way to spend time.

Since time is a non-replenishable resource, the only way to increase the amount of output produced per unit of time is through investing it for higher returns.

That said, if the goal is to disassociate “income and impact produced” from “time and effort invested”, the first step is to STOP working harder or longer in an attempt to do more things.

The second step is to create a vehicle that ensures every amount of time INVESTED yields a positive RETURN ON TIME.

That is why I cringe everytime I see someone online telling people to grind harder, work weekends or skip having a life.

There are 2 things that will help you simultaneously generate growth and freedom PLUS do it sustainably over the long term. Here they are:

⬇️Model to reclaim time.

⬆️Model to reallocate time.

Together, they make up what I call the Freedom Flywheel

Why reclaim:

Tightly scheduled entrepreneurs have no room to transform themselves. If you’re working maxed out just to maintain the business’s month-to-month performance, working even harder will only produce marginal gains at best.

It is only through protecting free time and mental margin can we think, create and welcome new opportunities. Plus enjoy nice things outside of business such as creating memories with people who matter most while being fully present.

That’s why we never tell clients to “just work harder” whenever they feel overwhelmed or restless. We implement processes and systems to strategically help them get time back and create SPACE.

Why reallocate:

Unless you hate being alive, it’s probably not a good idea to reclaim time only to waste it on useless activities & distractions.

If there’s one thing that everyone at the top 1% of this industry has in common, it will be their ability to allocate time to think and wonder. Because this is how the best stuff is created, and how the biggest problems are solved.

That’s why thinking time and deep work sessions are the first thing we reallocate time towards once a client is no longer maxed out.

We can also do fun stuff like investing time on projects that will help bring their 10 year goals to life in 1 year instead. Or finally taking the family on that guilt-free exotic vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years.

For me,

I say no 90% of the time.

I systemize, outsource and automate.

I lift heavy and play basketball.

I write, read and journal.

I travel and create beautiful memories.

Life can look and feel whatever you want it to look and feel like. As long as you can reclaim time from what you don’t want to spend time on, and reallocate time towards what you want to spend time on.

I look forward to helping you do just that, whenever you’re ready.


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