The Elite Performers Program

What If You Could Multiply Your Income While Freeing Up 20+ Hours Per Week…?


This alarming figure represents the percentage of small business owners who reported experiencing burnout in 2022.

Not to mention the number of entrepreneurs who are experiencing constant overwhelm, chronic exhaustion, and unhealthy stress levels.
Sure, it’s hard to grow & scale a business amidst uncertain times. But it’s painful to spend years working crazy hours and making sacrifices… only to spin your wheels, fail to achieve the results you deserve, and allow work to invade other areas of your life.
Not only is the business bleeding money, opportunities to create priceless memories with family are also being lost. While one is replenishable, the other is something you’ll never get back. 

I know what it’s like to be a part of that statistic, and that’s why I’ve dedicated my life to help entrepreneurs like you to beat the odds.
Onboard the Elite Performers Program, you’ll be provided with the right combination of clarity, strategies, models and systems to achieve your goals faster than ever, by doing less.

  • Custom Programming: Every client’s situation is unique, that’s why one-size-fits-all courses don’t work. Through 1-on-1 sessions, we’ll map out a step-by-step game plan that’s customized to your specific business model, season of life, profit targets and ideal lifestyle.
  • Time Compression: By identifying the most efficient path to your goals, we can compress the time to achievement. Operating in 90-day sprints with frequent checkpoints, we’re able to maintain optimal momentum and knock out yearly goals on a quarterly basis.
  • Time Creation: When you’re always faced with a fully packed schedule, there’s no space to welcome new growth. By eliminating trivial activities, distractions and hidden time wasters, we regularly help clients free up anywhere between 5-15 hours per week within our first 14 days working together.
  • Ideal Schedule Structure: We'll create a Peak Week Blueprint to eliminate decision fatigue and strategically allocate time for maximal productivity. By establishing bulletproof boundaries, you can also protect time to be fully present for family and friends.
  • Habit Reform: The performance of a business is a direct reflection of the performance of the business owner. By designing a bespoke set of habits & routines customized to your environment, biology, work nature, and lifestyle. You'll unlock limitless focus, access all-day energy, and tap into the flow state on demand.
  • Clockwork Acquisition: By implementing proven content strategies and sales systems, we’ll turn perfect fits in your target market from complete strangers to dream clients like clockwork. In the simplest, most streamlined manner possible. Without sending cold messages, building complicated funnels, or fancy websites.
  • 80/20 Scaling: Life’s too short to be running a high-stress, low-margin business that shackles you to a pair of golden handcuffs. By eliminating complexities and optimizing your revenue model - you can scale with simplicity, predictability and healthy margins.
  • Done-For-You Delegation: We'll pay, train, and onboard highly-trained virtual assistants to your team. By taking busy work and day-to-day operations off your plate, you can reclaim time for high-value activities and strategic work that grows the business.

My Clients' Successes Prove That My Methods Work

Discover the Real Results My Clients Have Achieved Under My Guidance

Aino - Stay At Home Moms Coach. Public Speaker. Mother of 5.

How Aino went from spinning her wheels to taking her mastermind to new levels working less than 3 hours per day.

Jo - Multi-6-Figure Agency Owner

How Jo went from working 7 days a week to now ending work before 5pm and taking weekends fully off, while consistently enrolling more clients than ever to her multi-6 figure marketing agency.

Abraham - Established Copywriter for Digital Businesses

How Abraham went from grinding 60 hours a week to reclaiming his lifestyle freedom with 20 hour weeks, while growing his Copywriting business with consistency and predictability.

Greg - Busy dad of 4. Tech lord. Software consultant.

How Greg went from being stuck and burned out for months, to enrolling 4 clients within 4 weeks while working 20 hours a week