About Micheal

Hi, I’m Michael, and I have 2 goals in life

Personally – to live life to the fullest by creating the best experiences with the people around me who matter most

Professionally – to end entrepreneurial burnout. By EMPOWERING fellow ambitious entrepreneurs to masterfully invest their time for maximal profit, fulfillment and freedom.

Back in 2018, I was working 11-hour shifts as a burnt-out veterinary surgeon and running an eComm business on the side. I would come home, work another 4-6 hours, with the vision of one day becoming a digital nomad who’s rich enough to travel around the world and collaborate with wildlife conservation organizations.

I was making decent money and the bank account was growing. But I was always sleep deprived, chronically exhausted and edging towards burnout.

Having been indoctrinated into the hustle culture since my teenage years, all I knew was to keep grinding and listen to more motivational videos. Cuz I’ll sleep when I’m dead… 

On one summer afternoon that year, my body decided to give out, and I dozed off at the wheel going 70+ mph on the highway.

Luckily, no one was hurt as the car driftward toward the side of the road.

It was at that moment I realized I became the textbook definition of an entrepreneur whose pursuit of “success” ended up costing everything - in this case - imploded relationships, declining health, and almost my life.

That also served as a wake-up call for me to never make the same mistake. Instead find a better solution to achieve my ambitious goals, while PROTECTING what matters most.

Over the subsequent 2 years, I invested upwards of 100k into courses, events, and programs.
Learning everything I can find about productivity, systems, growth solutions, SOPs, and everything in between…

I discovered a unique model for entrepreneurs to maximize productive output and surpass big business goals by doing Less. 

Nothing Happens By Accident, Including The Car Accident That I Avoided By The Skin Of My Teeth

The new model goes against every old age time management model designed to help entrepreneurs work faster and harder than the average employee.
It’s about unlocking the power of addition by subtraction, focusing on simplicity, quality and depth.
It transformed my relationship with time, and how I invest my bandwidth for my business.
Over a 120 day period, I was able to reduce my workload from 16 hour days to 5 hours, while taking my business into warp-speed growth. Revenue increased by 400%, and the business proceeded to hit new records for 7 consecutive quarters that came after.
What used to take a week to accomplish, was done in a day. And yearly targets were getting knocked out on a quarterly basis. 

As a wise man once said, the dots only connect once you look back.

Putting this to the test, I’ve launched a beta-program and achieved a 100% success rate in my first cohort of 20 clients.

Using that as the launchpad, I transitioned to coaching full-time. Built the life I wanted, and also began planting seeds to collaborate with wildlife conservation NPOs.

Leading up to the moment of me writing this, I’ve had the immense privilege of working with clients over 14 different countries to achieve their ambitious goals at record speed, while reclaiming the time freedom they deserve. 

Will you be my next success story?

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