April 18, 2024


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I don’t care what your favorite guru says. 

There should never be a universal answer to how much time you ‘should’ work. ❌

The only thing that’s universal is people’s desire for time freedom. 

That doesn’t mean working 2 hours per day or 4 hours per week. 

I’ve had conversations with people who’ve accumulated immense wealth, who still work 8-10 hour days just because they love the game. 

But if they want to clear their schedules, go on sabbaticals, start a new venture, or dedicate more time to other areas of life, they have the option to do so instantaneously. 👑

Time freedom means having the OPTION to do what you want, where you want, wherever you want. 

The main reason why most don’t achieve it is because they don’t bother clarifying what they want or what a “good life” means to them… 

then proceed to either join the hustle culture and end up sacrificing what matters most to them…

or join the 4 hour work week club and end up wondering why they’re stuck being poor. 

Time freedom requires one to develop crystal clarity towards what gives meaning at work, and what makes them feel alive at life. 

Plus the discipline to focus on exactly that, without going against your principles, acting indifferent to your core values, or getting distracted by other people’s version of ‘success’. 

So work whatever hours fit you, the current season you’re in, and the goals you’re working towards. 

The amount of hours you work has got little influence over the amount of progress you make anyways (will leave this tangent for another day). 

Point is, YOU are the person who decides…

📝How much your time is worth,

📝How you should allocate your attention,

📝What are the things you’d love to spend more time on,

📝What are the things you’d love to spend less time on.

Clarify the above then gain the power to control it. 💪


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"80% of results come from 20% of causes.
A few things are important; most are not."
- Richard Koch