June 14, 2024


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[WARNING] This is a long post, but it will shift your paradigm and help you save tons of time.

More does not equal better.

The majority of clients we work with are super talented and ambitious visionaries who own established businesses.

But oftentimes, they find themselves working maxed out and stuck running on a hamster wheel.

The root cause to the problem is not with them lacking willpower or business acumen, but due to overcomplexity.

Thanks to the exposure to an excess of opportunities, ideas and options, it’s super easy for modern entrepreneurs to say yes to more commitments, responsibilities and things.

More software,

More tactics,

More team members,

More offers,

More funnels,

More work hours to make sure things don’t fall apart,

more, More, MORE.

Sooner or later, complexity will lead them to a point where no matter how hard they work or how disciplined they are… they’ll still end up falling behind and fail to keep up.

To the ambitious visionary, that’s the equivalent of being punched in the face on a daily basis.

Because if this cycle is not fixed, it will turn into a downward spiral as confidence gets replaced by doubt.

“Can I trust myself to follow through?”

“Am I capable of doing my job as the Founder?”

“Am I even good enough for my goals to be achieved?”

The true danger of this trap lies in how easy it is to fall into. Because during the early stages of building a business, most entrepreneurs are able to get out of survival mode through hard work alone.

But while a good work ethic is invaluable, it becomes a liability when your belief system starts associating it as the end-all-be-all solution.

If I’m ever afraid of going broke again… I’ll just work harder.

If I fall short of my revenue target… I’ll just work harder

If something doesn’t work out… I’ll fix it by working harder.

It is dangerous, because if your self-worth is tied to your ability to work hard, it will get destroyed the moment when you demand yourself to work at a level that is no longer sustainable.

Everything’s going to be fine as long as I work hard enough → I’m not able to get as much done as I want to, I must be not working hard enough → I’m working as hard as I can but I’m still failing → What is wrong with me? Am I not good enough?

Deeper and deeper into the complexity trap we go.

Most will try to get out of this downward spiral by accumulating the largest collection of planners, project management software and productivity apps. They might even try to compensate by calling themselves “the hardest worker in the room” alongside a million other self-proclaimed hustlers.

But none of that will matter. Because you can never outrun complexity by being more efficient.

To get out of this spiral, we must stop imposing unrealistic expectations towards our ability to perform and produce, put that ego down, give ourselves grace, and allow ourselves to be human.

It is only then, can we realize that most of what we are investing time and effort into… should not be there in the first place.

It is only then, can we decisively cut away the unnecessary complexity that’s causing our schedules to be so full, and our businesses to be so bloated.

It is only then, can we shine light on a simpler, more effective path forward.

As Steve Jobs once put it “Focus and simplicity… once you get there, you can move mountains.”


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