July 7, 2024


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18 months ago I’ve overhauled my business and created an offer with one objective in mind –

Help Visionaries delegate the minutiae so they can experience the freedom they deserve and actualize their ambitious goals.

Fast forward to the present, this offer – Infinity (formerly named Elite Performers Program) is in its category of one.

Few reasons why –

1️⃣ – Most VA Agencies operate by recruiting Virtual Assistants for their clients, then leave the client to onramp, train and manage the VA by themselves.

Not only does this lead to massive time-cost, it also leads the VA to be severely underutilized.

Which is exactly why 90% of VA hires don’t last more than 3 months… with a Founder who ends up feeling sick and tired of correcting mistakes, putting out fires, and constantly monitoring whether things are being done on time and in the right way.

2️⃣ – There’s no proper training out there on how to delegate and get time back.

There’s a million offers out there teaching you how to “get clients” and “scale to 7 figs”, but when the Founder gets overwhelmed by day-to-day operations and becomes the bottleneck of their business…

they’ll just tell you to “go hire a VA”. Full stop.

No frameworks, no strategies, no nothing to help the Founder do it the right way.

It’s crazy how many Founders (experts, coaches, agency owners, consultants) are stuck in their business, not because they don’t know how to grow and serve more clients… but because they’re swamped doing $10 / hour tasks themselves.

Not to mention the lost opportunities to create precious moments with people who matter most.

Solving this problem took everything I had to give plus more, because these are the deliverables we have to incorporate for our clients –

🟢 Full audit of the business’s processes, workflows and systems

🟢 Frameworks to eliminate inefficiencies & streamline each process

🟢 Qualify and onboard VAs who check all boxes in terms of company culture fit, skillset, relevant experience, coachability and competence for each role. (Done for you)

🟢 Manage and train each VA to execute tasks that the client wants to delegate (Done for you)

🟢 System to track the VA’s daily progress and the performance of the business’s core KPIs

🟢 Build processes and SOPs for the client’s business so that company operations can be documented and standardized (Done for you)

🟢 Suite of models, playbooks and systems for clients to ongoingly delegate mundane tasks across various areas in business and life.

Since every bit of the above is customized, it also forced me to put a hard cap on the number of clients we can take on each month to ensure results.

The delivery process is extremely difficult & complex, but it’s soooo worth it.

Because as a result of us eating up the complexity, our clients are able to…

✅ simplify their business,

✅ stop being the Chief Everything Officer,

✅ get the time and focus they need to grow the business,

✅ have day-to-day operations handled for them by independent, self-managing VAs.

What’s even more exciting?

With the series of new playbooks and systems we’ll be rolling out throughout the rest of the year, Infinity is only going to get even better.

Our prices will also be increasing in August (or as soon as July spots are filled up), whichever comes first.

If any of the above sounds helpful, DM me “infinity” and let’s chat.

There might not be anything left to buy given how my calendar is filling up this week,

but either way I’ll make sure to leave you with a roadmap detailing what it’ll look like if you were to implement our systems for your business. Plus send you a few SOPs & frameworks to start freeing up time. Let’s build! 🔥



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