April 25, 2024


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Throughout the years I’ve conversed with hundreds of people who are GREAT at trading time for money, 

but they’re depressed, buried in anxiety, destroying their relationship, and are one burnout away from losing their business. Myself included.

In fact, my past self was the very first person I had this honest conversation with. 

I started my business because I wanted more freedom and autonomy, not knowing that I’d end up sacrificing the very thing I was fighting for. So much so that I experienced a burnout that almost killed me. 

Not dying that day was the best thing that happened to me, because I received the wake up call I needed to find a simpler, more effective approach to pursue my ambitious goals. 

And after investing tens of thousands into courses, programs and services… I found out there’s no one magic bullet. 

What’s required are 2 models that work synergistically with each other. 🔄

One to reclaim time. 

One to reallocate time. 

Combine the two, you end up with what I call the Freedom Flywheel. Allowing you to increase your output infinitely, while developing total control over your time. 

Here’s an overview of what that looks like: 

If you’re currently working maxed out just to maintain the business’s performance, the first step is NOT to work harder or pile on more work hours. 

It is to clarify what you want your time to be worth, and use that number as a “Time Filter”.

Example: Let’s say you’re making 30k per month at 50% margin working roughly 200 hours per month. 

Your time is currently worth 75 bucks per hour. (30000 x 50%) / 200

If you WANT your time to be worth, let’s say, $500 per hour instead… you’ll have to make sure at least 80% of your time is spent on activities that generate that amount of value or above. 

2 things must occur for this to happen. 🔑

First – a process to eliminate, delegate and automate anything on your schedule that’s below your ‘time filter’. 

Second – a framework to reallocate that freed up time and bandwidth into activities that provide the highest yield. 

And when you arrive at that target of $500 per hour, you can decide how that would look like: 

Would that mean making 30k per month at 50% margins, but working 30 hours per month instead? 

Or making 100k per month at 40% margins, working 120 hours per month? 

If you can feel the sense of freedom & control you get from that… that’s exactly why I like using “output per time” as the Northstar Metric to measure progress instead of topline revenue.

Putting this into practice…

That’s why I don’t just coach, nor do I just hire virtual assistants. 

I’m building a comprehensive, top-tier solution for Visionaries to actualize their ambitious goals while reclaiming the time freedom they deserve. 

We do that by hiring and training Rockstar VAs for clients, so they can smoothly delegate tasks that are way below their time filter. 

Plus help them implement models to reallocate time for maximum yield.

Such as building & streamlining processes to further increase leverage… or implementing a Personal Operating System to unlock all-day energy, focus and flow. 

If there’s ever a way to consistently end work early feeling satisfied & fulfilled, 

a way to consistently turn ideas into profitable projects, 

a way to protect moments with family and create priceless memories while being fully present, 

it would be this –  two models working synergistically to reclaim and reallocate time. Creating a Freedom Flywheel. 🔄 

When most Founders are working harder and harder for less and less returns as the market slows down… 

We’re building, speeding up and creating a movement for Visionaries to keep thriving both in and outside of business. 

It’s the biggest unfair advantage you can have during uncertain times like these. 

Pick a side and run with it 🚀


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