January 15, 2024

What to do when you’re stuck despite working all the time.

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Feeling stuck despite working more hours than an average employee? 

You’re not lazy. You’re just doing too much. 

Breakthroughs aren’t initiated at the moment of addition, they are initiated at the moment of subtraction. 

Sounds counterintuitive, but hear me out. 

While we might think that everything we’re investing our resources into are yielding a return and should be part of our life and business… that’s not the case. 


💸 That team member who’s been underperforming for the past 3 months.

💸 That habit of drinking alcohol every Friday night.

💸 Those $10 tasks that’s causing you to spend time in reactive mode.

They are taking away your time and energy, which makes them liabilities. 

And since we have an innate preference to hold onto things as human beings, our minds will justify and rationalize why we should keep wasting more resources on those liabilities. 

Unless you have an infinite amount of those resources, get back on the driver’s seat and do the following when you are maxed out or are close to being so: 

1️⃣Make a list of liabilities that are currently draining your time and energy, 

2️⃣Eliminate those liabilities, 

3️⃣Get your time and energy back,

4️⃣Reinvest your time and energy into better opportunities and assets. 

Rinse and repeat until you’re getting the return-on-effort you desire.


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"80% of results come from 20% of causes.
A few things are important; most are not."
- Richard Koch