April 11, 2024


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I hate using the word Hack but I can’t really find a better word to describe what I’m about to share. 

So.. for anyone who’s always busy, here’s a time hack for you – 

Stop using time as a measurement of time. Start using time as a measurement of DISTANCE. 

I know, this will f*** with your mind. But stay with me here. 

Let’s say you want to go from 0 to 1 million in net worth, and the typical time to achieve that is 10 years,

the “distance” between 0 to 1 million will equal 10 years.

In other words, by moving at “normal speeds”, you will need 10 years to go from 0 to 1 MM. 

And if you operate linearly like 99% of the population do… aka, trade the same amount of time for the same amount of progress… the time required for you to cover that distance will be fixed. 

But according to Einstein’s model, time does not work the same way for everyone. 

Depending on your speed, time will slow down or speed up for you. 

That said, if you want to ‘compress’ your time to achievement, 

the focus should not be to get busier, because busyness is what causes time to speed up. 

Instead, the focus should be to find an alternative pathway (think Wormholes), that will allow you to move faster and cause time to slow down for you. 

I.e. Instead of spending 20 hours per week on repetitive tasks, spend 2 hours per week training a VA to handle repetitive tasks for you. 

I.e. Instead of spending 10 hours to acquire 100 leads, create an alternative pathway that’ll allow you to acquire 1000 leads in the same amount of time. 0000

THIS is what will allow you to cover 10 years’ worth of distance in 1 year instead. 

And in turn 10x your progress (distance traveled) with the same time expenditure. 

To sum this up into a practical step – If you want to create progress faster, don’t increase work hours, instead, increase the speed in which progress is made within those hours. 😉  


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